About This Site

compassWelcome to Michael Bogart Ministries!  We hope that by visiting us you will be genuinely encouraged and helped in a substantial way as you live for Jesus Christ and serve his Kingdom.  Here’s how the site works:

The Home page (mbogart.com) is where you should begin.  It gives you an overview of the various sections within the site itself.  The headers rotate periodically to feature some of the more popular articles and helps on the site.

About the Site is where you are now.  It helps you navigate through the various other pages.

The Contact page is there if you care to send us a message or get in touch with someone about further help for your ministry or group.

The Mission Statement page tells you what we are trying to accomplish and the perspective from which we are trying to accomplish it.

Donations should be self-explanatory.  We do not coerce, finagle or otherwise insist that anyone make a financial contribution to this ministry.  If you have been helped or are interested in any of our missions projects, and God has put a desire within you to do so, we welcome any gift you choose to send.  Otherwise–simply enjoy the many free things and products we offer.  All we ask is that if you user our free materials you will give Mike the credit as author and that you refrain from selling any of it without his express, written permission.

The Meet Mike section gives a brief introduction to Mike and his family.

The Bible section features a variety of articles and ministry tools in the study and teaching of the Bible.

Curricula and Studies offers a selection of Bible studies and other ministry tools for a very modest price.

Defending the Faith is a section in which articles in the area of apologetics are made available  both to answer your questions and help you answer the questions of others about the Christian Faith.

Ministry Helps offers advice and instruction in the sometimes difficult and perplexing task of serving the Body of Christ and those outside it.

Missions Projects provide what we believe is an interesting record of some of the projects Mike has been involved in during the periodic  “global” portion of his ministry.

The New category is the place where you can easily find the latest articles, aids and studies we make available.

Thoughts are just that: Mike’s thoughts along with those of a select few others which we feel may be of encouragement to any Christian trying to follow Jesus in this often confusing world.

We are very excited about the Virtual Chapel.  It is currently under construction, but we hope that very soon we can provide a virtual “place” where you can come for a few moments and simply worship the Lord.  Our goal is to provide an opportunity for you to customize your experience to a certain degree to suit your own tastes, preferences or perhaps to experiment a bit.  We’d love your comments once we get the page up and you have a chance to experience it.

We hope this little navigation guide is helpful to you in maximizing the usability of this site.